The Archive – Dyphtics

Intersecting design, curatorial and pedagogical trajectories ADS10 adopts a specific method to confront the overwhelming amount of possibilities opened before the architect. Rather than relying on the capacity of computation, on the contingency of action or on the creativity of perception, the Studio proposes to use the power of the Archive.
Archives are constellations of objects, documents and information linked by a bond: the concrete manifestation of a specific field of enquiry and at the same time a position within this field. Bringing together the fiction of narratives, the technical precision of drawings or models and the evocative dimension of images, the Archive constructs a detachment from the historical reality that allows for a critique of the existing condition to be combined with the proposal of radical scenarios: as such the Archive escapes the dangers of historicism and turns history into a horizon of liberation. The first year the investigation on the potential of the archive departed from the parallel study of two opposing set of elements: Roman Archetypes and the Radical Projects.