WIP Show 2019


This year, the Work in Progress exhibit is a Collective Archive, which attempts to understand and elaborate on the notion of Archetype. We selected a number of built projects and studied them in their form, construction and organisation, focusing the analysis on the relationship between space and use. Although these projects belong to different contexts and time periods, they exemplify a specific the possibilities of the relation between form and ritual.

Our investigation has been conducted through different tools: the perspectival section, as a mean to explore and represent in one frame the relationship between built form, life and use; small resin-cast models as an instrument to investigate the intrinsic qualities and potential of form; large-scale models as a way to propose new archetypes, drawing from the elements analysed and reinterpreted from the case studies. The Collective Archive thus provides a shared knowledge about how the Archetype can be employed as a method to think and design architecture. In the following months, these

Archetypes will be further explored and applied to specific contexts in search of the difficult intersection between the particular and the universal, the collective and the individual, the mundane and the sacred. ADS10 maintains that the role of architecture is to recognise the potential of contemporary everyday collective activities, giving them a form and therefore the dignity of a political action.